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How to link multiple reservations

In an instance where you have two guests with one staying longer or the other departing earlier, RoomRaccoon gives you the ability to link the reservation. Linking reservations is beneficial because you’re able to link two or more reservations whilst keeping everything on one invoice.

Here’s How:

Open a reservation or create a new reservation.

If you created a new reservation, save it before moving to the next step.

On the reservation, there’s a link icon that you can use to link the booking to another. Click on this icon

Enter the Reservation number of the other booking you want to link.

The list will drop down to the reservation name. Click on this booking and on the top right save the settings.

You will now see that the reservations are displayed differently, this will allow you to give the reservation that is linked a different date, by clicking on it.

The amounts of linked reservations which will be visible and added to the total amount due.

Good To Know!

You can manage all payments and invoices from the main reservation within a group.

Just remember that if you have already registered a payment/invoice in a booking you won't be able to link it to the main one.

If your invoice hasn’t been filed you may still unlink the reservation.

Partial payments may be made on linked bookings.

You can do this for group reservations too. Click here for more.
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