How to Issue an Invoice for Airbnb Reservations (PT)

Airbnb invoices are usually sent directly to Airbnb however in Portugal, invoices are sent directly to the guest. To send an invoice directly to the guest you will have to send invoice form the reservation and fill in your guest details instead of those of the booker (Airbnb)

How to send the invoice to the guest

Navigate to the reservations y clicking on the calendar icon on your left

Click on the reservation in question

On the top left, you will see Booker Information and by default, you will see Airbnb as the Booker.

Click edit (pencil icon)

If the guest you would like to send the invoice to already exists as a booker then you can search for them and select their profile. Alternatively, add a new Booker (ensure that you provide the accurate email address and information)

To issue the invoice, go to the documents on the reservation and click on the envelope icon.

After clicking this RoomRaccoon will prompt you to confirm the email address. Ensure that this is the accurate email address

Click OK and RoomRaccoon will report a successfully sent email message on top of your agenda.
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