How to Issue an Electric Invoice to a Foreign Customer (IT)

When issuing an invoice to a non-Italian guest, you will need to fill in the information on the guest or the booker tab before creating the invoice for the guest.

Fill in guest or bookers data and Save.

Which data is necessary for the issuance of an invoice to a foreign private entity.

Receiver code XXXXXXX (7 times X)

Tax Code not to fill in

ZIP code 00000

VAT number conventional numeric values ​​(for example 00000000000/99999999999/12345678900)

Access the reservation and scroll down to Documents.

Click the “Generate a new invoice” icon

Set your operation to “bill” or “fattura”

Select invoice items and Click “Create Invoice”

Your invoice is ready to view and you may access this on documents. Send this tour client by clicking the envelope icon.

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