How to Issue an Electric Invoice (IT)

If you have active Electronic Invoicing in RoomRaccoon you can

Issue invoices directly from reservations

Invoices are sent to the Revenue Agency (Exchange System)

Storage takes place directly in your fiscal drawer

What is the mandatory data for issuing an invoice?

To issue an invoice you must indicate all the mandatory data in the customer card (Booking holder)

Name surname

If a company name is requested, indicate the number of VAT

If it is a natural person, indicate only the Tax Code

Complete address: street \ square, house number, postcode, city, country

It is mandatory to indicate the recipient code or certified e-mail

In the case of an Italian customer without Recipient Code and PEC

OR in the recipient code field enter 0000000 (7 times zero)

OR In the case of a foreign customer

Do the following

In the ZIP code field enter 00000 (5 times zero)

In the Recipient Code field xxxxxxx (7 times)

How do you issue an electronic invoice?

Open the reservation and scroll down to see the "Documents" section.

Click on the "+" icon to access the window where you can issue the invoice.

How do I check the status of an electronic invoice?

RoomRaccoon sends the invoices to the SDI.
The ES responds by confirming the invoice or rejecting it due to possible errors in the compilation.

You can check the status of your invoices in

Click on the "Statistics" section

Open the "Electronic invoice" tab

Once the invoices have been accepted by the ES they will be kept in your tax drawer of the Revenue Agency.

Good to know

If you have rejected invoices, click here for more on how to fix invoice errors

If you’ve made a mistake on your invoice, create a credit note


Can't find the option to issue an electronic invoice?

Check that you have entered the required data to issue an electronic invoice in the customer card.

Do you want to change an invoice that has already been issued and approved?

Click on the "+" icon

Select "Credit Note" from the documents and issue a credit note to cancel the invoice

Now you can reissue the invoice
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