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How to Implement a Stop-Sell Using Yield

How to Implement a Stop-Sell Using Yield

The Stop-Sell rule allows you to close certain rates at specific times.

One way to utilise this is with non-refundable rates that you can set to be booked within a specific period or a special package that you will have to deactivate if you reach a certain quota.

For example: if you don't want to sell the 4 bedroom family room rate for bookings made less than 15 days in advance, you can configure it as follows:

In the Rates and Availability section, click on the yield tab

Click "+ Rule" to add a rule.

Set availability parameters from 0% to 100% and from 0 to 15 days before check-in.

Select the "stop-sell" action.

Select the months in which the rule will apply and the days of the week. If the rule should only be triggered within a certain time period, indicate the start and end date.

Select the rates at which the rule should apply.

Click Save

Good to know

If you want to stop-sell for the same day, select 0-0 days before check-in.

The stop-sell feature does not apply to Airbnb. The channel has a policy of a minimum price of 10€ therefore it does not support stop-sell and for this to work the stop-sell must be made directly on Airbnb.

The reason why we set the availability parameter for the guest experience from 0-100% is because we are basically saying no matter what the occupancy is, whether it is 0 to 15 days before check-in or 0-7 days before check in, you want to stop sell.

Updated on: 01/09/2022

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