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How to implement a discount code permanently on your website
This article explains how to implement a discount code in the booking engine.

How does it work?
Create a discount code
Open RoomRaccoon
Click on the orange wheel
Click on the tab booking engine
Scrolls all the way down to the discount codes
Add a discount code for multiple use and without expiry date

Include the code in the URL of the booking engine
Open the booking engine
Copy the URL
Add the following to the link: ?&coupon=DIRECT10
DIRECT10 is the name of the code in this case. If you named your code e.g. WELCOME, then you have to add ?&coupon=WELCOME to the link.

Ask your web designer to include this link on your website, for example in a pop-up or in a booking button.

The advantage of this way of working:
When guests book through Google Hotel Ads, you pay 12% commission over your own booking engine's rates. Often, these are already somewhat lower and because of the commission, less profit remains for the hotelier.
If you work with voucher codes, you can set the prices of your own website as high as the prices of external portals. When guests book via GHA, they pay the same price as on, for example. When guests book through your website, they can then get a discount with the discount code.
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