How to Enable Rate Threshold

The rate threshold is a measure that RoomRaccoon has taken to ensure that you and your staff members prevent accidental spelling mistakes while managing your rates.

For example, let’s say your staff member was meant to discount a low season rate by 10% during a certain period but instead this was misspelt to be discounted by 100%. RoomRaccoon will not allow this change to be saved and will warn your staff member that the discount rate has surpassed the threshold.

When this is activated it creates a threshold that does not allow people to change the rate between 50%-200% of what is already in RoomRaccoon.

To Enable the Threshold

Access the Account configuration by navigating to the orange gear icon

Access the Account settings on the top right of the page.

Check the box that says “Enable Rate Threshold”

Good to know

You will need to login with a manager’s password to access this setting.

For more on “Restricted Reports”, click here.
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