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How to download City Tax Report

If you would like to see your guests per country and download an overview of their city tax details, you can do this by accessing the reports tab. In certain cities the habitants of this city do not pay city tax, so you may see the report with guest details and the city tax accordingly.

All you have to do is access reports and download an excel doc with all guest details, this document also has City Tax information to the far right.

How to Download the Report

Click on the Reports tab on the left of the screen.

Navigate to the section “Reservations per country”

On the top right of this section, you will see the download button. Click on this.

Open the file and scroll right where you will see the City Tax overview for each guest.

For this report to be really effective, guests need to enter the information of their city when entering guest details.

Good to know

You can set guest data such as city details to be mandatory. Click here for more on mandatory guest fields.
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