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How to Do an Airbnb Mapping

On Airbnb, you can only map one rate plan and Airbnb does not allow derived rates to be mapped. This means you can only add one rate plan then include how many occupancies are included in that rate plan.

How to do an Airbnb mapping

Access your account settings and navigate to the connectivity centre.

On Airbnb click on the add button edit (+ icon).

On “manage your listing” find your listing and click on the “map” button.

Choose the rate plan.

Example: You have a room for 5 people and the price is exactly the same as it is in RoomRaccoon, you can simply select your Airbnb rate and include that the rate is for 5 people.

If you have a room for 5 people but the price differs depending on how many people you’re accommodating then you will have to select a rate plan and on the “Guest included” section you’ll add 1 person. You will then add the price per extra person which will charge guests per person.

In the example below the price per extra person is R150 so if there are 3 extra people the price for the extra people will be R450.
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