How Can I Delete a Rate Type

On RoomRaccoon you cannot delete rates however you can send us a request to delete the rate and we will assist with removing them accordingly.

When can a rate type be deleted

It can only be deleted when it is not connected to any external booking channels like, Expedia, etc.

If the rate is deleted from RoomRaccoon first, it doesn't mean that the rate is inactive in the external booking channel, therefore there is the risk of receiving reservations with the wrong price & conditions like minimum or maximum stay or overbookings.

What should be done before deleting a rate

delete the rate from any external booking channel.

in RoomRaccoon, change/add the name "DELETE" to the rate type so our team can identify which are the correct rates to delete. This is very much needed to avoid deleting wrong rates with similar names.

Contact RoomRaccoon team by opening a new ticket confirming that you have done all the previous steps, indicating which room type should have its rates deleted
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