How to create your own ICal link

An ICal link can be used to link your RoomRaccoon agenda to an external booking channel when there is no direct connection available. It can be described as a calendar synchronisation in which the availability is communicated. It is possible to set up your own iCal. How this should be done, is explained in this article.

When you want to set up a synchronisation with your own system or agenda, you can use iCal. The RoomRaccoon iCal feed can simply be read into a calendar program from Windows, Apple or Google.
Conversely, RoomRaccoon can also read an external feed, for example you can use a Google Calendar feed, or you can develop your own feed that works according to the syntax of Google Calendar. Following these recommendations regarding the use of specific ICal fields:

How to create the link:
LOCATION: room name
DTSTART: Check-in date
DTEND: 1 day before Check-out date
UID: OTA reservation number
DESCRIPTION: Name of booker
SUMMARY: E-mail address & phone number of booker in underlying EMAIL: and PHONE: tags

Example of an ical booking fragment:
DESCRIPTION:Nadja Buckenberger
LOCATION:Sea view room 3
SUMMARY:PHONE:+31611111111\nEMAIL:[[email protected]](/cdn-cgi/l/email-protection#a6c8c4d3c5cd979495e6c2c9cbc7cfc888c5c9cb)

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RoomRaccoon does not provide any other content support, this is self-service.
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