How to Create an Invoice

Invoices are automatically created on RoomRaccoon on the documents tab of the reservation. When a reservation is made a proforma invoice will be drafted which is an example of how the invoice will look when the guest checks out, it is therefore not a final invoice.

When the guest checks out the proforma will be converted into a tax invoice. On this invoice, the invoice number will be followed by a 'Check-out Invoice' in case parts of the invoice have already been invoiced. The invoice will always be made in the name of the main booker.

How to create a tax invoice

Access the reservations by clicking on the calendar icon on the left of the screen.

Click on a reservation.

Scroll down to documents and click on “make new invoice”

Select the items you want to add to the invoice and click Create Invoice on the top right. It is very important to note that a proforma invoice will only become a tax invoice once you click on create invoice.

Once the invoice has been made, click on view invoice should you want to see how it will look or if you would like to print the document.

Good to know

You can request for a prepayment on RoomRaccoon. For more on this, click here.

After an invoice is checked out, it is final and no changes may be made.

It is possible however to credit an invoice. For more on how to create a credit note, click here for more on how to print an invoice.

Click here for more on how to print an invoice.
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