How to create add-ons

Navigate to your add-on by clicking on the room key icon at the top left hand side of the screen and then selecting the add-on tab.

Add-ons can be created and displayed in the Booking Engine by clicking on the ‘+ Add Add-On’ icon at the top right hand side of the screen.

You can also choose whether the created add-on should be visible on the breakfast list or on the housekeeping list. This comes in handy when the housekeeping, for example, has to set up twin beds or needs to add an extra bed or cot into the room.

Important: Highlights the add-on in your agenda.
Charge per person: Multiplied by the number of guests.
Bookable via Booking Engine: Can be booked by your guests in advance when they make their booking via the booking engine on your website.
Charged per night: Multiplied by the number of nights.
Per Multiple: Specify the quantity that may be booked in advance
Upsell in the online check-in: If RaccoonUpsell is enabled, ticking this box will enable guests to book the add-on when they do the online check-in. To find our more about RaccoonUpsell and how to activate it click here.

Add-ons are perfect for upselling, as they help increase the overall experience at the property.

If you also want the add-on to show on your booking engine, you need to besides ticking the visible on booking engine box, select which roomtype has this add-on option. 

Click on room types at the top of your screen
Click on manage room type for the room type you want to add this add-on to.
Within this screen, select which add-ons you want to connect to the room type
Press save
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