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How to create a package deal

Would you like to offer a package deal including dinner, bicycles or access to your wellness center? A package deal is a combination of your rate type and one or more add-ons.

How does it work?
Go left to the > icon key and navigate to > add-ons. Create your add-ons, later you will add this to your rate type!
When you have created your add-ons, navigate to the tab > category
Go to the category (roomtype) where you would like to create the package deal and click on > New room rate
Create a new rate type, give the package deal a name and price.
On the right side of the page you will find > package here you can choose if you would like to have the add-ons incl. or excl. the price per night.
Tick of the add-ons who are part of the package deal.
Don't forget to translate the name of your package deal with the translations tabs!
Click on > save

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