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How to Create a Credit Note

How to Create a Credit Note

When a reservation has been checked out on the system this makes it final and no changes may be applied. If you have made an error and would like to change this, RoomRaccoon offers you the ability to credit your invoice and delete invoiced elements from the account.

Suppose in the following invoice there is a late check-out charge added by mistake.

You will need to create a credit note for this, see the following steps:

Go to the reservation and click on the make new invoice icon.

Change the type from Tax invoice to “Credit Note”.

Select the elements you’d like to remove and click on “Create Invoice”

If you go back to “view invoice” you will see the credit note applied that you can print or send through to your guest.

Good to know

For more on cancelling or crediting an invoice, click here.

Every new invoice receives a new invoice number.

Your old invoice will NOT be replaced.

Updated on: 20/07/2022

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