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How to Create a Booking Confirmation

How to Create a Booking Confirmation

A booking confirmation is one of the most important documents when sending communication to guest. The confirmation let’s guests know that the reservation is successful and you can add a personal message detailing information about their stay.

To Create a Booking Confirmation Document

Click on the Orange Settings Gear and select the Documents Tab

Click on the Reservation Confirmation Document.

You can now select the type of document, the language and whether you want it to be for a specific room or all of the rooms.

The Automatic Template gives you a preset document which you can view at the bottom of the screen.

The Custom presets can be inserted into your own custom document, simply type your message and copy and paste the presets into the content area provided.

Good to know

You can translate your booking confirmation to multiple languages. For more on translating your documents, click here.

Do you have an accommodation with different room types or even an accommodation in a different location? Change the address in the confirmation! You can create the booking confirmation by room type.

Add a link to a file or website about what to do in the area. This way the guest can already look ahead to the highlights in your city.

Updated on: 08/09/2022

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