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How to connect to TripAdvisor

RoomRaccoon can send rates & availability to TripAdvisor. However the connection is slightly different from regular connection as it requires the set up of a cancellation policy in RoomRaccoon.

After you requested the connection, you need to let us know what rates you would like to connect. You can contact us via [email protected] In the rates you would like to connect, you need to set up the cancellation policy.

Cancellation policy
Click on the key icon in the top left corner
Open the rate you want to connect to Tripadvisor
Scroll down until you see the following:

Enter the required details here

Tripadvisor has its own minimum requirements for the connection. These are:
High ratings
Minimum acceptance rate of 80%
Minimum 3 bookings per year
Less than 20% cancellations

Good to know
The cancellation policy must be entered here otherwise the rate will not communicate with the channel.
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