How to Connect to Peach Payment

To connect your RoomRaccoon account to Peach payments, see the steps below.

Sign up with Peach Payments. Once you’ve successfully set up the account you will be given credentials.

Log in to your RoomRaccoon Account.

Click on the credit card icon on the left side of the screen.

Click on Payment Settings, select ‘Online payments via Peach Payments’ and click on Save.

Once the page reloads, all the required fields will be visible. Fill this in and ensure that each field has been double-checked.

Tick the boxes to enable instant EFT, allow credit card, Amex etc.

Once you’ve set this up. We recommend that you test the credentials via the booking engine or RoomRaccoon. You can charge the credit card and just make sure this is functioning.

Good to know

For more on how Peach Payments work, click here.

Adding the Peach Payments connection will account for one upgrade slot. See more on our updated pricing policy.
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