How to Connect to Hotelbeds

A Hotelbeds Account Manager will work with you to help grow your business. Use this connection to maximise occupancy by tapping into a network of global markets of high-value clients. Hotelbeds is committed to maximising occupancy, developing world-class marketing solutions and being the cost-effective partner you can trust.

How to initiate the connection

RoomRaccoon will initiate the connection.

Once you have your Hotelbeds account set up, request this connection on RoomRaccoon via the connectivity centre by clicking on the settings tab on the left of the screen and navigating to the connectivity tab.

Send us your Username and password which roomRaccoon will use when connecting with HotelBeds.

Hotelbeds will enable the connection and RoomRaccoon will do the mapping.

Good to know

There is no added cost to connecting with Booking channels on RoomRaccoon.

For more on how to map rate plans to channels, click here
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