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How to Connect to Agoda

How to Connect to Agoda

With 2.5 million properties globally, Agoda is fast becoming one of the top online travel agencies for hotels and bed and breakfasts around the world, providing easy access to travellers seeking everything from villas and luxury accommodation to budget hotels and apartments.
Agoda provides an efficient booking engine via mobile app and website that can be easily connected to your RoomRaccoon.

Connecting to Agoda

Login to your Agoda extranet.

In the contact me section send an email requesting for your channel manager to be changed to RoomRaccoon.

Once you receive confirmation of the change, open a new ticket on our ticketing centre and send through your Agoda ID.

RoomRaccoon will then make the connection and send a confirmation once completed.

Good to know

Please note that to activate this connection you must have occupancy-based rates set up (this is essentially a rate per occupancy)

There is no added cost to connecting with Booking channels on RoomRaccoon.

For more on how to map rate plans to channels, click here

Updated on: 27/07/2022

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