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How to Compare My Occupancy Reports

How to Compare My Occupancy Reports

RoomRaccoon assists you in tracking your occupancy performance by comparing the occupancy reports. The occupancy report displays how many guests you have at a given time compared to your full capacity.

How can I compare my booking channel reports?

Click on the Reports icon in the left-hand column which will take you to the Performance Tab

Enter the start date and choose either the period which could be either monthly, yearly or quarterly. Enter the end date in the “up to and including” section.

Click on “compare with” which will give you an option to compare with the previous year or month.

The screen will reload with your graphs. Scroll down to see a comparison of occupancy for the given time period.

See a comparison of your occupancy from which will be next to the graph with previous yearly or monthly performance.

Hover on any section of the graphs to get more detail of occupancy on a specific day.

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Updated on: 17/08/2022

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