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How to Clear Cache on Your Browser

Web browsers save browsing history and data to enhance the user experience on future visits by storing data and this data is known as cache.

Sometimes data which is stored in the cache prohibits the loading of up-to-date contents. When you delete the stored cache data, the new version can be retrieved and this is also applicable for our PMS software that is occasionally updated.

Cache files usually consist of larger files such as audio, video or flash files. Cookies are data files that are stored to user preferences and data such as logins.

How to delete Cache and Cookies.


Click on options (3 vertical dots) and go to History.

Clear the browsing data

Enter the period you want to delete your cache data. Chrome gives you between 24 hours and an all time range clearance.

Tick the Cookies tab to clear website info like logins or Cached data for the larger files e.g images and videos.


On your Firefox browser click options on the top right of the screen and click on Settings.

On the Settings tab, click on Privacy and Security.

Scroll down to Cookies and Site Data and click clear data. Tick the cookies and cached data options and click on clear.

After the notice to clear cookies and site data, click Clear Now.

(See below for your application)

Good to know

Tick browsing history to clear browsing history data of previously searched content.

Clearing cache helps increase the loading time of web pages such as your RoomRaccoon PMS.

Clearing cache also assists in overall laptop performance, when you see performance slowing down it could be a good idea to clear the cache.
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