How to Checkout a Linked Reservation

On RoomRaccoon once you check out an invoice, the system will automatically generate a tax invoice however with linked invoices you need to generate the invoice manually.

Please note: Before you checkout the main reservation, you will have to check out all linked reservations first.

How to checkout a linked reservation

Check out the main reservation. RoomRaccoon will let you know that an automatic invoice won’t be created and you will need to create an invoice manually.

Scroll down to documents and click on “make new invoice”

Select the invoice elements for both reservations.

Click on “create invoice”.

Your reservation has now been checked out and you’ve manually created a tax invoice

Your tax invoice can now be viewed, printed or sent through to your guest.

Good to know

For more on how to send the invoice to the guest, click here.

For more on how to print an invoice, click here.
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