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I Changed My Bank Account Details for Billing Purposes, but Do I Need to Do Something for RaccoonPay as Well?

Changing the bank account details in the billing tab does not affect anything in your RaccoonPay account.

RaccoonPay is a separate onboarding, where you need to pass the onboarding phase again to validate your business as a whole. Mind that if you completed the RaccoonPay onboarding more than a year ago, it might be that the requirements consist of more documents and adjustments than before. However, it is not necessary to submit a completely new onboarding request.

What do we need to set up the new bank account?

New bank statement requirements

Provide RoomRaccoon with a recent bank statement (no older than 6 months), including all required info: business name, IBAN, date and name of the bank.

New bank statements of E-money banks will not be accepted unless the E-money bank has a valid banking license.

Personal bank statements will not be accepted.

What else will be asked?

If there is a new company involved when adding a new bank account, we need the company registration document of this company as well.

If payouts need to happen on the old bank account until a specific date, RoomRaccoon requires written and signed proof of both parties to work this out.

If you want to disable your payouts directly, or that we first collect all the information before we proceed with this new validation process.

Additional requirements for the new RaccoonPay validation

The accommodation website must include detailed booking conditions, privacy policies and Impressum details.

With new companies involved, all (new) shareholders (with more than 25% of the shares) must provide identification documents.

The booking engine must also include detailed booking conditions and Impressum details. RoomRaccoon provides a privacy policy.
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