How to Change Google Maps Image in the Email

We encourage our users to not upload pictures onto their documents because every two months these are cleared and user data is cleared too. We recommend taking screenshots and uploading these to Google photos and saving the image address.

How to edit Maps image

Take a screenshot of your location on Google Maps

Upload this Image to Google Photos

Once uploaded, Right-click on this image and copy the image address.

Manually edit the document by changing it from an automatic template.

Double click on the map

Paste the Image Address URL here.

Good to know

To take a screenshot on Mac use SHIFT+COMMAND+4.

To take a screenshot on Windows use FN + PrtScrn OR Snipping Tool

Use Google Photos NOT Google Drive to upload your image.

We recommend saving this content on your Google server because RoomRaccoon strives to make sure that the product is responsive and effective as possible hence we do a cache deletion every two months to ensure the system maintains effective speeds.

Always ensure that the Image dimensions are 560 (Width) and 270 (Height)
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