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How to archive rooms

Renovating rooms? Archive them until further notice!

You never know what might happen. You can suddenly decide to rent out lesser rooms due to renovations. Or perhaps you have decided to turn some rooms into conference rooms instead. Whatever the reason, you will need to archive that room.

When you archive a room, all the data stays in the reservation and you are still able to see the reservations if you search for the reservation number. It simply will not show in your agenda anymore. Because the amount of rooms influence your contract, this action can only be done by one of our Customer Success Managers. Please inform them which room you want to archive and they will do it for you.

Good to know
A room needs to be archived for a minimum of 3 months. If the room will not be in use for a few days or maybe weeks we would advise you to block the rooms instead of archiving them.
Archiving a room will affect some market specific connections. If you have questions regarding this, contact one of our Customer Success Managers.
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