How to Amend Incorrect Phone Number/Email Address for Your Debit Order (ZA)

In South Africa you are able to set up your RoomRaccoon subscription as a debit order. To set this up RoomRaccoon needs to have all your details including communication details such as your contact number and emails address.

If it so happens that you don’t have these set up then you won’t be able to receive the OTP on your phone or email, however, you are able to amend this if you’ve entered the wrong number or email address.

How to change your number or email number on Billing

Navigate to the orange gear icon and access the billing tab

On billing click “Edit Mandate” and make your changes

Once you’ve made your changes click on Save!

Good to know

Phone numbers must be in the following format: 062 487 5726

+27 format or overseas phone numbers will NOT work
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