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How to Add Tips

On RoomRaccoon you are able to add tips as add-ons by creating an add-on and attaching it to a ledger that has 0.00% tax.

How to set up Tips

Navigate to the Room types tab using the key icon on the left of your screen.

Click on the add-ons tab and create a new add on by clicking “add add-on”.

Name the add on as Tips or gratuity. Fill in information on the tips such as the VAT information. You can set the price on 0 as this will be different from guest to guest.

Click Save.

Click on the Ledgers tab and select + New Ledger

Enter a name (in this case it could be gratuity) for , a ledger (number), a VAT percentage, and a VAT code.

Click Save when you are done.

When a client makes a payment you can now add tips as an add-on.

Good to know

You can add tips as an add on, which can be 0% tax, but when adding it to an invoice the tax should be added.
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