What is an add-on?

When your guests are staying with you, they are often looking for little extras which can make their stay in your hotel, apartment or B&B a little bit more special than just a place to sleep. For example the possibility to rent bikes, take their pets with them or book a nice 4 course dinner. All these add-ons as they are called, can be made bookable in your PMS (Property Management System). You can find the option ‘add-ons’ under ‘Room types’.

How do you use the add-on function?

When you click on the key icon in the navigation menu you will see the option ‘Room types’. Here you can add all your add-ons and appoint them to the roomtype of your choice. This way, you can pick and choose which add-ons are available for which roomtype. For example you can make late check-out possible for your suite but not for your standard room. 

What are the benefits of add-ons?

Next to that, adding add-ons to your roomtypes makes sure these add-ons are immediately bookable in your Booking Engine. This way, your guests can book these add-ons straight away when they book a room in your hotel, apartment or B&B.

When a booking is made and add-ons are chosen during the guests’ stay with you, the add-ons will be visible on the invoice. Very convenient for yourself, your guests and your accountant. This way you can immediately see which add-ons are booked often and which are a little less popular. 

How do you delete an add-on in your Booking Engine?

For this, you go to the key-icon in the navigation menu (as described above) and click on add-ons. Here you will find all your add-ons. Simply click on this and scroll down. Now you can uncheck 'visible in Booking Engine'.  Save and your unchecked add-ons will no longer be visible.
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