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How to Add Multiple Items to an Invoice

How to Add Multiple Items to an Invoice

When creating invoices you are able to select different items to add to the invoices. All you have to do is create an invoice and select items linked to that reservation on the invoice.

Open the reservation on your agenda

Scroll down to documents on the reservation and click on “make a new invoice”

Select the items to be added to the invoice. Here you should see all the add-ons and extras the guest has requested.

Click on create invoice and this will automatically save your invoice. You may see your invoice on “view invoice” in the documents section of the reservation.

When you create a new invoice after this step, your previously unselected items will show up.

Good to know

Adding multiple items allows you to consolidate all payments to one invoice however this feature is also good if your guest will be making two separate payments e.g. if you have two guests and one is paying for the room and the other paying for the Add-on.

This also works if your guest would like to pay for their Add-ons before or after their stay.

If an error has been made on an invoice - create a credit note.

Updated on: 08/08/2022

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