How to Add More Connections and Booking Channels

RoomRaccoon integrates with a number of connections ranging from accounting, booking channels, events, payment, room keys and more. On the connectivity tab, you are given a number of available connections in your region.

To Add the Connections

Access the Connectivity tab by navigating the orange gear icon at the bottom left of the screen.

Click on the Connectivity tab and a list of active and available connections will be shown.

If you want to send RoomRaccoon a connection request, simply click on the + icon on the connection.

Once you do this, you will receive a confirmation of your request and an account manager will be in touch.

Good to know

Some connections will want you to log in using your account settings, for example Airbnb. Follow the instructions for a successful connection request.

Some connections take up an upgrade slot. Read more about this in our updated pricing policy
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