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How to add an inventory to the add-ons

If, for example, you only have 3 extra beds or baby cots in your accommodation, you can place an inventory to your add-on. This way you can be sure that it is never over-booked.

How does this work?
Click on the the > Key icon on the left hand side of the screen and open the > add-ons tab.
Click on an already saved add-on or create a new add-on.
Select the applicable tick boxes, ie. > per person or > per night
Click on the > per multiple option. If you have a limit, enter the limit to the > total Inventory per day
Include a limit per day > Max limit
Can only 1 bed be booked in a room? Add 1 to > Max. bookable in the Booking engine
Go to the room type where the add-on can be booked and tick this add-on for this specific room type.

I have 10 rooms at my hotel and I have 3 extra beds. Only my Deluxe Rooms can accommodate 1 bed extra per room. Therefore I indicate a maximum limit of 3 per day and a maximum of 1 bookable via the booking engine. The bed must be calculated per night and taken from inventory.

Good to know:
The combination of an add-on with an inventory per night can no longer be manually changed in number. So do you want to keep an inventory of a bicycle, for example? Make sure that it is not charged per night.
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