How to add additional Booker/Guest data

On RoomRaccoon you can add Booker or Guest data so that you have a database of your guest needs before their arrival as well as for future bookings. You can set this up on the Booker section and this will be reflected every time the booker or guest books with you.

To add additional Booker or Guest Data

Access the Bookers tab on the right of the screen.

Identify the booker which you would like to add information on. Click on the pencil icon next to their name

On the details section, you will see “Additional booker information”. Add your information here.

Click Save on the top right of the screen.

Good to know

Please note: A booker is a person/business that makes or requests the booking and a guest is the person who stays at the property, however, a booker may also be a guest if they are booking directly. Sometimes bookers can be businesses or travel agencies.

One great way to use this is to put information pertaining to the guest such as allergens and disability.

For more on adding remarks in a reservation, click here.
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