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How To Add A Room Type

How To Add A Room Type

Personalisation is key with the RoomRaccoon PMS and we understand that your property has different room types to cater to different guest needs. To make this process as easy as possible, you may add rooms and categories.

Suppose you have 10 rooms with 6 being double rooms and 4 being single rooms, you would add two categories in this case. You can also have all rooms shown as individual room types, for example when you are renting out apartments or villas.

Ensure that when you group multiple rooms to a specific room type, there are no rooms with different facilities and amenities. If this is the case you should create a different room type.

How to add a room type.

Go to the property key on your agenda.

This will take you to Room Type by default.

At the top right click on “ + Room Type “

When you add a new room type, you will see on your left-hand side that you have some basic information and advanced information you can add to your room type. The basic information is essential for you to show your room type on the Booking Engine.

Add images for your booking engine.

On advanced settings you can also set your add-ons. For more on setting up your add-ons click here.

You know that you have successfully updated your information when the circle behind the rule gets a tick.

What about theme rooms?

RoomRaccoon gives you the ability to sort themed rooms. Below, one of the founders of RoomRaccoon tells us how she does this with her boutique hotel.

"In my boutique hotel I have 9 themed rooms, each of which is totally different, but by grouping 7 of these 9 rooms as 1 room type and my guests asking for a preference (no guarantee) instead of a specific room. I have been able to increase my occupancy by 14%.

My guess ... They are even more satisfied because they notice that I am doing my very best to meet their preferences. This personal approach leads to a real win-win situation. "

Booking channels & room types

Channels such as and Expedia also use room types. Remember that your room types in your RoomRaccoon account must be coherent with those of to ensure an accurate connection/link.

Everything about Rate types

Once you have set your Room types you would then be ready to set your Rate types. Learn more about how to do so by clicking here.

Good to know

The pricing for adding new rooms/categories can be calculated on our website: and then under the tab "Pricing". For properties with up to 18 rooms, there is a base price of £143 / per month.

It is wise not to add too many different types and thus group many rooms to one type. This gives you better mobility to assign different rooms thereby increasing your occupancy rate.

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Updated on: 05/09/2022

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