How to Add a New Reservation

Although online bookings are very common, guests sometimes call to make bookings or if your property allows walk-ins then guests can make bookings at your reception. You can add bookings manually into your PMS using the reservations agenda.

In your agenda, you can see which of your rooms are available. Click on an empty room to initiate the booking.

How to add a reservation manually

Navigate to the reservations tab (calendar icon)

Click on the available date (white space) of the specified date.

Enter the guests details. If they’ve stayed with you before you can search for their name and this will pre-fill guest details if not then you can add guest details.

Choose the rate

Add the add-ons to the reservations that the guest wants.

Click Save

Good to know

The booker is the person who makes the reservation. The guests are the people that stay in your hotel. Click here for more on Bookers and Guests.

When the reservation is not paid yet, you can send a payment request to the guest.

Use RaccoonPay to have access to different kinds of payment methods.
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