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How To Add A Category (Room Type)

In accommodation settings (key icon at the top left hand side) you will find the tabs room and room type. Here, rooms are your actual rooms. Suppose you have 10 rooms of which 4 are double rooms and 6 are singles, then you only have to add 2 room types. You can also have all rooms show as individual room types. For example when you are renting out apartments.

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Specific Room types

Curious to know how to add descriptions to a room, press the button below.
Add description

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Uploading pictures

Among those 10 rooms you probably have different types, for example 5 rooms are deluxe, 3 are standard and 2 are budget. You add these types to room types. You then have 10 rooms but 3 room types. It is wise not to add too many different types and thus group many rooms. This gives you more room to puzzle and slide in your diary between different rooms, increasing your occupancy rate and turnover, and that is you ultimately want as a hotelier, right?

It is important that several rooms that fall under one room type do not have any important different facilities.

When you add a new room type, you will see on your left hand side that you have some basic information and advanced information you can add to your room type. The basic information is essential for you to show your room type on the Booking Engine. You know that you have successfully updated your information when the circle behind the rule gets a tick

What about theme rooms?
You may think that you can not apply this in your dependent hotel or B & B with themed rooms. Below is a good example of how Nadja, one of the Founders of RoomRaccoon and also owner of a boutique hotel in Breda, does:

"In my own boutique hotel I have 9 themed rooms, each of which is totally different, but by grouping 7 of these 9 rooms as 1 room type and my guests asking for a preference (no guarantee) instead of a specific room. I have been able to increase my occupancy by 14%.

My guess ... they are even more satisfied because they notice that I am doing my very best to meet their preferences. This personal approach leads to a real win-win situation. "

Booking channels & room types
Channels such as and Expedia also use room types. Remember that your room types in your RoomRaccoon account must be set up in the same way to achieve a good connection / link.

Everything about Rate types

When you have set your Room types you are ready to set your Rate types. Learn more about how to do so by clicking on the button below:

Rate types
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