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Activate RaccoonPay!

Great! You want to get started with RaccoonPay. In order to make your activation as smooth as possible, we would like to ask you to read this article carefully. RaccoonPay has to comply with strict regulations to be able to process payments, therefore it is possible that during and after the onboarding several or extra documents are requested to validate the accommodation. The correct delivery of all documents is therefore very important to complete everything quickly.

Required documents
Valid copy of your passport or ID. This concerns every person who has an interest or share (of at least 25%) within the company.
Extract from the Chamber of Commerce (KVK) (maximum 6 months old)
Business bank statement (max 6 months old) | Please note: the name of the company, the bank account number, the logo of the bank concerned & the date have to be visible on this document
A connection document between company name, website & accommodation name. Include a document that clearly shows that there is a connection between the name on the website, the business bank statement, the accommodation name, and any other official business name. Examples of this will include:
An insurance document
A signed proof that the accommodation name is part of the official company name.
VAT document

Do you have the following documents to hand? Great! Then we can activate RaccoonPay now!

In your RoomRaccoon PMS click on the Payments icon

Navigate to the RaccoonPay tab and click on Start with RaccoonPay.
Enter your company details along with all banking information.

Enter the UBO*('s).

Add your ID and those of the other shareholders, the extract from the Chamber of Commerce (KVK), a copy of the business bank statement and connection document.

Indicate how many card machines you will use via RaccoonPay, if you don't want one simply enter 0 here. If you would like to request a card machine click here.

Please read the general terms and conditions carefully.
Click send! We will activate your account as soon as possible. This will be within 2 working days.

Good To Know!
If we are missing any of the above mentioned documents, you will receive an email asking for the required documents to be sent again. Guests are not yet able to make payments. So make sure you are easily accessible!
If you are not sure which documents are still required contact [email protected]

What is a UBO?
UBO stands for Ultimate Beneficial Owner, or ultimate stakeholder of an organisation. These are all (!) personas who ultimately own or control the company

What is 3D Secure?
3D Secure payments are credit card transactions whereby the cardholder not only enters their card details, but will also be required to enter a code or password sent to them via their bank. This reduces the risk of fraud (transactions carried out with a stolen card) and guarantees your payment as the cardholder can no longer claim a chargeback. When a payment is made according to the 3D Secure route, RaccoonPay can guarantee that it will always pass without system errors. Examples of 3D Secure payments: payment request, payment in the Online Check-In, prepayment in the Booking Engine and payment via the card machine.

What is the cost of RaccoonPay?
The cost of RaccoonPay varies per payment method:
iDEAL/Maestro POS/V-pay POS: £0,29 + 0,2%
Giropay & Bancontact: £0,25 + 1,6%
European cards; VISA/Mastercard/Amex: £0,25 + 1,6%
Non-European cards: VISA/Mastercard/Amex: £0,25 + 3,1%
Virtual Credit Cards: £0,25 + 3,1%
£0,- once off fee & £0,- subscription fee
Card machine service fee: £40 p/m & £0 - once off fee
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