How to activate ISTAT in RoomRaccoon

How to activate ISTAT in RoomRaccoon

Italian accommodation facilities are required to communicate ISTAT data to the Region to which they belong on a monthly basis. Thanks to RoomRaccoon you can download the file to upload to the portal of your region in the following regions:

Abruzzo Region (Turismo5) ,
Calabria Region (Turismo5) ,
Emilia-Romagna Region (Turismo5) ,
Metropolitan City of Florence (Turismo5) ,
Liguria Region (Tourist Flows) ,
Lombardy Region (Turismo5) ,
Marche Region (Turismo5) ,
Piedmont Region (Ross 1000 / Gies) ,
Municipality of Pistoia (Turismo5) ,
Municipality of Prato (Turismo5) ,
Sardinia Region (Turismo5) ,
Trento Province (Tourism System)
Veneto Region (MTWeb) ,

Is your region included in the list? Proceed to step 2

Enter the ISTAT code

Do you have only one ISTAT code?

Click here to access the RoomRaccoon Account page

Enter your ISTAT code in the field of the same name

Click Save!

Do you have multiple ISTAT codes?

Fill in the ISTAT section of this form

Is your region not included in this list?

For now, we do not provide the file to download and upload to the portal of your region but we can provide you with a summary file in which you can see the numbers you need to report the data required by the region.

Access the statistics section of RoomRaccoon

Select the period

Scroll down to "Performance Book Statistics"

Download the file

Good to know

Reservations should be checked-in or checked out for them to be added.

The guest card must have the country filled in, if it’s Italian the city will be required too.
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