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How to Activate Google Hotel Ads

Google Hotel Ads allows you to reach millions of travellers across the globe and direct them to your RoomRaccoon booking engine or website, this way you are able to cut out external online travel agents and promote direct bookings with your specified rates.

How to Activate Google Hotel Ads

Click on the orange gear in the bottom left hand corner of your screen.

Open the Connectivity tab at the top.

Access Google Hotel Ads in the Booking Channels sections and click on the + icon

You will get a pop up informing you of the conditions and details of the connection such as minimum stay, address and contact information. If you agree to these terms click on “enable google hotel ads”

You will receive a “changes have been successfully saved” message to let you know that the request has been submitted.

How to optimize my hotel ranking on Google Hotel Ads

Make sure your prices are lower than your external channels. This will ensure your hotel climbs to the top for more visibility.

Manage your rate types per channel separately. This way you can easily compete against external booking channels.
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