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How to Activate / Deactivate Google Hotel Ads

How to Activate Google Hotel Ads

Click on the orange gear in the bottom left hand corner of your screen.

Open the Connectivity tab at the top.

Click on the Google Hotel Ads box.

Read through the terms and click Enable Google Hotel Ads and you’re good to go!

Want to see your hotel at the top of Google search?

Tip 1. Make sure your prices are lower than your external channels. This will ensure
your hotel climbs to the top for more visibility.

Tip 2. Manage your rate types per channel separately! This way you can easily
compete against external channels.

How to Deactivate Google Hotel Ads?

Simply notify us that you want to opt out by opening a new ticket with request to deactivate.
Once we’ve received your request RoomRaccoon will disconnect your property from Google Hotel Ads.
RoomRaccoon will send you a confirmation of your deactivation.
Please be aware that after de-activation it could take up to 7 days before Google has de-activated Google Hotel Ads on their site.
Please be aware that after de-activation all reservations that are already received are still commisionable, which entails that you could receive invoices after de-activation. After de-activation no new reservations will be added to your account.

Good To Know!

Google will not reflect any changes that are made to reservations if they are made after the dates of the reservation.
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