How to activate Alloggiati connection

Hotel management in Italy needs to send guest details to the Questura. This is done through the Alloggiati Portal and throught the RoomRaccoon connection the system will send the data automatically every night when there are check-in reservation correctly filled in with all the data needed.

To initiate the connection, you need the following data from your Alloggiati Portal:

Web Service Key

How to find the Web Service Key in Alloggiati?

Login to Alloggiati

On top right corner click on the settings icon

Click on "Chiave Web Service"

Click on "Genera Nuovo Codice",

Activate the connection with AlloggiatiWeb and RoomRaccoon

Open RoomRaccoon from this link

Click on the gear bottom left corner

Open the tab "Connectivity"

Search Alloggiati and click on the "+"

Click on “Enable Alloggiatiweb”

Fill in the necessary credentials and click Save.

Good to know

How to check if you have correctly activated the connection? During the night, if the connection is active, reservations will be sent with the status "check-in (online) done". If the connection has been made correctly you will receive an email with the result of the sending and you will be able to see the sendings in the new screen dedicated to Lodging.

You will be able to check the outcome of the submissions and make manual submissions in a specific page that you can find at this link.

If you are not already working from, you will be asked to log in again and then click on Statistics - Accommodation.

In January, the Questura changed the way we access the portal AlloggiatiWeb. We have built the new version which will be in beta mode until April 2022 and accessible from the link above. If you activate the automatic sending of data to AlloggiatiWeb before April 2022, please inform us of any malfunctions so that we can improve the connection and the overview of the sending of data. Thank you.
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