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How Does the Proforma Invoice Work

How Does the Proforma Invoice Work

A proforma invoice is a sample or draft invoice of your guests accommodation costs. The proforma invoice will change during the guest’s stay as they might decide to add add-ons, meant to give your guest’s information in advance on the amount of their stay.

How does RoomRaccoon's Proforma Invoice Work?

RoomRaccoon prepares proforma invoices which remain a proforma until the moment the booking is checked-out. After check-out, the invoice becomes a tax invoice which cannot be changed.

How do I Send a Proforma Invoice

To email the invoice, go back to the documents section in the reservation and click “send invoice” to email it to your guest.

RoomRaccoon will prompt you to send the invoice to the email address of the booker automatically, if you’d like to send this to another email address, change the pre-set email address.

Click “OK” and RoomRaccoon will let you know that “the email has been sent successfully”.

How does the Proforma Invoice Work with Prepayments

You can send the proforma invoice whenever guests or companies want to pay a partial amount on the invoice in advance. You can send them the tax invoice when they check-out.

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Updated on: 20/09/2022

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