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How Does the Delivery of the Card Machine Work?

The RoomRaccoon card machine is preconfigured for your RoomRaccoon system and upon delivery, it is a ‘plug and play’ as everything is pre-setup. You should however note that delivery of card machine is premised on meeting all RaccoonPay compliance requirements.

Onboarding Process

The card machine process can only start after the accommodation successfully completed the RaccoonPay onboarding.

It takes ten working days to request a new card machine. Therefore, it's important to start the RaccoonPay onboarding directly after you sign up with RoomRaccoon.

All card machines are delivered with UPS tracking services, where the card machines will be delivered to the address submitted during the onboarding.

What should I receive before the card machine has been delivered?

A confirmation mail that includes the start date of your card machine subscription.

A confirmation that all settings have been set up in your RoomRaccoon account to take card machine payments.

The card machine user guide and a document with the FAQ.

What do I need to do after delivery?

Check if all card machine payment options are visible in your account. If not, please reach out to Team RaccoonPay. You can also contact us for support by opening a new ticket on our ticketing centre.

Use the user guide to set up the card machine, and familiarize yourself with some FAQs to better understand the card machine and how it works.

Good to know

During the request a card machine step on the onboarding you select a preferred delivery month however this delivery is premised on meeting all RaccoonPay compliance requirements.

The delivery address we will ship to is the one that you’ve entered for RaccoonPay. If the address you’ve provided has no reception then you will need to notify us and provide us with an alternative address for delivery.

If your card machine is not displaying amounts, click here.
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