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How Does Raccoonidentity Work

RaccoonID is a digital bar-code scanner that scans all identification documents by reading the bar codes and auto-fills guest information in the correct fields. Scanning allows for fast, contactless processing during manual and online check-in.

How Does Raccoonidentity Work

Click on a reservation in your agenda

On the reservation scroll down to the guest details. Click on the drop-down arrow where you’ll see the RaccoonIdentity option to scan the passport or ID.

Click on it and it will redirect you to the camera where you can capture the details from the passport or ID.

Place your Passport/ID in the white frame and click on the capture button and your document will be scanned.

Good to know

Ensure that you have allowed RoomRaccoon access to your computer’s camera. Please also ensure that you use a good camera for the most accurate data to be extracted from the Passport/ID.

The OCR scanner feature costs an extra upgrade slot, see more on our packages here. It is NOT based on a cost per scan as RoomRaccoon covers the cost per scan.

For guest safety and security, Passport/ID data will not be stored on our system, this is just to fill in the check-in fields.

Always review data before verifying - we recommend spell-checks on all guest data.

To activate RaccoonIdentity. Simply request the connection to have the connection implemented and RoomRaccoon will activate the connection for you. For more assistance on this, you may open a new ticket on our ticketing centre.
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