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How Do Weekend Rates Work?

How Do Weekend Rates Work?

A weekend rate is a rate that you set for Friday to Sunday and a weekly rate is a rate you set from Sunday to Thursday. Due to high occupancy during the weekend, you might want to increase the rate on weekend bookings. You can do this by creating a bulk action on your rates.

How to set up weekend rates

Access rates and availability

Click on the pencil icon on all rooms (alternatively each room type also has a pencil if you want the change to apply to only one room type).

Choose the period you want the bulk action to apply.

Check only Friday and Saturday on the days which this action should be applied. Insert price change and check the room types which are applicable.

Click Synchronize

Good to know

If you want to discount the price remember to enter a minus symbol (-) before the value.

You can add restrictions on the check-in/check-out as well as the minimum and maximum stay days.

When making changes, the summary section will give you an overview of all the changes you’ve made before you synchronize. Be sure to check this and ensure you have the correct parameters on your update.

Updated on: 21/10/2022

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