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How Do Rates From OTA's Enter RoomRaccoon

How Do Rates From Booking Channels Enter RoomRaccoon

When a reservation comes into RoomRaccoon from an OTA, such as or Expedia they might have booked with various promotions from these OTA’s. These discounts or promotions are shown in the reservation as a promotion or discount.

The price at the top (in this case £9 200.00) in the reservation is always the price that is on the RoomRaccoon rates and availability for the OTA.

If the guest has booked via the OTA and there are promotions such as mobile app rates, early-bird or Genius Pro. There will be another line stating that there is a promotion or channel correction which has a negative value of the difference between the two rates. This is done so that the total due on RoomRaccoon is the same as the rate that they booked.

Good to know

The promotion or discount is not a discount that RoomRaccon has made, however this is a direct instruction received from the booking channel.

Updated on: 16/08/2022

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