This is a very good and somewhat technical question! To give an as clear answer as possible, it is important to have a look and what a Bulk Sync and Parity Check are before we can explain what these two functionalities have to do with each other.

What is a Bulk Sync?

A Bulk Sync's function is to push all rates and availability for a selected period all at once to all your external booking partners (such as

Because such pushes entail a lot of data (every rate for every day in the selected period) external booking partners actually do not allow us to push so much data all at once. Because we do want to offer this functionality to our hoteliers nonetheless, RoomRaccoon came up with a solution. When you use the Bulk Sync functionality, we split the data into little pieces so we can send them through to the booking channels. Here for the Bulk Sync functionality is not real time and results of the push can take up until several minutes before being visible in the extranet of for example. In RoomRaccoon you do not have to wait, you can continue working in the system while the Bulk Sync is being done in het background.

When do I use the Bulk Sync function?

A Mass Update is mainly used to make sure the availability and rates of your rooms will stay the same when a new external booking channel is added. And of course the new booking channel will be updated as well.

Important! When you change your room rates or receive a new booking, this information is send directly to all the external booking partners you have a connection with. This process is done automatically.So for this, no Bulk Sync is needed.

What is a Parity Check?

A Parity Check is a comparison of all availability for your rooms known by all external booking partners you have a connection with.

When do I use the Parity Check function?

When you use the Parity Check function, RoomRaccoon retrieves all availability for your rooms known by all external booking partners you have a connection with real time. When you still see a difference in availability, this may be because RoomRaccoon always does a test with a push for just several days. When the connection is validated and no errors return, all data for an entire year will be pushed with a Mass Update. When this happens, you will see all of your availability is synchronised throughout all your channels.
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