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How Do I Set Up A Pre-Stay Mail?

Pre-stay emails provide guests with important information about their upcoming stay with you, this can include their check in times, the number of stay nights, as well as fun information about the activities they can do in and around your accommodation.

This can include upcoming events, the closest sights and parking facilities, or alert them to the Add-ons you offer.

With RoomRaccoon's PMS you can easily send and personalize pre-stay emails.

How do I activate my automatic Pre-Stay Mail?

Click on the Orange Settings Gear icon at the bottom left

Click on the Documents tab at the top of your screen.

Select the language you would like to use.

Scroll down to the pre-stay email and click "add new document" .

Fill out the necessary information about the mail and select whether it be for all of your rooms or just one.

You can then create your customised message by adding presets from the right hand. This data will then automatically be included in the mail depending on each reservation.

For example:

Dear %guest_firstname% %guest_lastname%
We would like to welcome you to your stay.

You can then view what your pre-stay email will look like at the bottom.

Click Save.

Setting Up Automatic Mail Outs

Click on the Orange Settings Gear at the bottom left of the screen to access your account settings.

Scroll down to the email settings.

Here you can adjust the days when the mail will be sent.

Remember to click on save at the top right of the screen!

Good To Know!

Read more on when emails are sent out automatically here!
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