How do I enter a payment into the Chip & PIN device?

Please install the card machine according to the FAQ and User guide provided. When the device has been tested successfully, RoomRaccoon will be able to process the payments. In case the device does not work properly, please contact us at [email protected].

You can make a payment via the RaccoonPay device in the following steps

Go to the reservation where you want to pay the (partial) amount via the card machine.
See the various payment options on the bottom right.
Then click on card machine payment.
Should you wish to request a partial payment, enter the desired amount under partial payment.
The desired amount to be paid appears at the bottom in green.

The amount entered will be sent to the card machine and shown on the screen.
Successful! Your payment is processed and immediately visible in the reservation and in the RaccoonPay dashboard.

Good to know

Refund: Has the guest paid a deposit while paying by card and you, as a hotelier, would like to refund this? In RaccoonPay you can easily enter the card details again in order to refund a part of the total amount. See here how to make a refund!

RaccoonPay activated: RaccoonPay activation is required for the use of the card machine.
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