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How do I create different login details for my co-workers?

Something has changed in one of your reservations. The timeline shows that it was been one of the employees that made the change but, which one of your 10 employees did this? What you need is a different login for your employees tracking who did what so you always know what is going on in each reservation!
This function allows you to keep track of changes in a reservation and who has made what changes. In this article we will explain how to create a login for employees.

How to add a new login:

Navigate to the gear icon at the bottom left of your screen and open the 'logins' tab

Select 'Add Login' at the top left of the screen. Once the logins page has opened, you will notice various fields where you can enter the details of the hotel employee you wish to create the login for. You are also able to select rights per employee. For example, do you want an employee to not be able to adjust your rates, but the manager can? Then you choose hotel team rights for the employee and admin rights for the manager. Do you have multiple accommodations which share employees? Then you can select which accounts each employee has access to. Select a password for your employee. This password will be sent to your employee automatically after having saved the new login.

Forgot your password? This can happen of-course. Then click on the envelope icon in the list to send a new password. This password is a unique secure password, the password itself can not be chosen or changed anymore.

When your employee logs in with their own account, all payments will have the initials set up already. These cannot be modified. In the history of the reservation, you will also be able to see who has made which change in the reservation. 

The main login will be able to track all the changes that have been made in one quick overview. Click on the clock icon in the list view with all your employees to see this. You will be able to track changes made in reservations and also changes made in the rates and availability overview. This way, if you have a rate that has been modified and you are wondering why, you can see exactly who made those changes.

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